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Designed for Veterinary Teams

Don't wait until your culture is eroded, you have high turnover or an expensive lawsuit! 

Give your leadership team resources to successfully work through today's veterinary HR challenges.

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Move beyond dysfunction and create a cohesive team focused on patients, clients, and the hospital team.

Using Everything DiSC, create an awareness of people's different natural communication styles, and find productive ways to communicate clearly and work through conflict. 

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Starpath has been working on a special project with The Veterinary Cooperative.  Announcing our newly launched educational series: Approaching Tough Conversations. This 12-part dialogue on how to successfully navigate difficult HR discussions is a free, RACE approved, on-demand resource for TVC partnered hospitals and their teams. 

Use promo code: STARPATH to ensure your TVC Lifetime Joining Fee is just $10.00 (TVC Membership is limited to independent veterinary practices).

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We can tailor educational training to fit your needs!  Contact us today!

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